Mirrors can be a useful addition to every room in your home, and there are some rooms in which it can make sense to have multiple mirrors. In your bedroom, mirrors can make the space feel larger and brighter, but their primary purpose in this space is to make it easy for you to look at yourself when you're getting dressed, putting on makeup, and more. If your bedroom is large enough, you may feel that several different types of mirrors are a valuable addition. Here are three mirrors that can be useful to have in this part of your home.

Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror can be suitable in a few different areas of your home, but this mirror is perhaps the most valuable to have in your bedroom. When you get dressed, you often want to check out your entire ensemble. A full-length mirror allows you to do this with ease. While you'll need a fair bit of wall space to hang this mirror, you'll almost certainly find that you use it every single day — perhaps even multiple times a day if you change your clothing for different occasions. If you don't like hanging mirrors, a mirror that sits on the ground and leans against the wall may be desirable.

Tabletop Mirror

While some dressers have built-in mirrors on their tops, this isn't the case with most of these pieces of furniture. Another good mirror to add to your bedroom is a tabletop mirror that you can place on top of your dresser. This is a mirror that is fairly compact and available in lots of shapes and styles, so you won't have difficulty finding a product that suits the look of your dresser. If you often stand in front of your dresser to put your jewelry on, you'll find that this mirror is useful for checking how well your jewelry matches your outfit.

Compact Wall Mirror

Many people find that a small mirror on the wall of their walk-in closet can be handy. If you have this type of closet space in your bedroom, you may wish to shop for a small mirror that will fit based on how much wall space you have. Not only will the mirror make the space feel larger, which is ideal because these areas can often feel cramped, but it can also help you to check out different outfits. Even if you don't get dressed in the closet, you might frequently hold up shirts against your torso to see how they look.

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