One of the easiest ways to add a touch of elegance and make your bathroom seem larger is to install a custom mirror.

In years past, bathroom mirrors were often just inexpensive flat mirrors glued to the wall or held in place with mounting clips. However, today you have many other style options.

Bathroom Mirror Style Options

Today, the style options you can choose from for a bathroom mirror include: 

  • antique
  • etched
  • metallic veined
  • color tinted
  • beveled 

In addition, LED bathroom mirrors are also very popular.

LED mirrors are made with a ring of lights around the mirror or two strips of lights either along each side or on its top and bottom. This style of mirror is great for applying makeup or shaving, making them ideal for use in a bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Frame Types and Styles

If you don't want to install an LED mirror in your bathroom, then there are many other frame styles to choose from.

Some popular bathroom styles include:

  • natural wood
  • painted wood
  • metallic

In addition, some homeowners have a bevel cut along the mirror's edge to create an elegant frame.

It is important to note that wood frames installed in bathrooms are subjected to high humidity and should be made of an appropriate wood species.

The three common options are: 

  • oak
  • teak
  • black locust

If you prefer the more modern look of a metal frame, then it is vital for it to be caulked with silicone to prevent water entrapment behind the frame. 

Keeping Within the Design Style of Your Bathroom

When it comes to custom bathroom mirror installation, it is vital you keep within the overall design style of your home and bathroom. While the new mirror can make a statement, if that is the goal, it is important it doesn't stick out because it is out of style compared to the rest of the bathroom.

For example, if your home has a shabby chic style, then a natural wood frame painted with milk paint or whitewashed will look amazing and be in the same style as the home.

Alternatively, if you live in a Victorian house, then a mirror with an elaborate gold-gilded frame will make a statement and stay within the home's design.

Don't Forget to Balance

Finally, make sure your new bathroom mirror stays in balance with the rest of the room.

For example, a thin frame will balance well with delicate fixtures while a thicker frame is great for balancing with a bulky vanity.

If you pair a thin frame mirror with a big heavy vanity, then the bottom of the room will look out of balance with the top.

To learn more about custom mirror installation, reach out to a glazier near you.