The windows in most homes will withstand some impacts and resist breaking, but there are situations where the glass develops a crack or is broken and needs replacing. Working with a residential glass replacement service to fix the damage is often the best course of action, and your homeowner's insurance may cover the repair.

Window Or Glass Repair

Glass damage to a window in your home often requires you to determine if the glass can be replaced or if the entire window should be changed. In older homes with original single pane glass, hiring a residential glass replacement service to replace the pane of glass and reglaze the window is often the least expensive solution. However, if there is damage to the window frame as well, you may want to consider replacing the entire unit with a new modern window.

Modern multipane glass is different because the damage is often limited to one pane, and replacing the glass in the field is not practical. The glass layers need to have the air removed and Argon or Krypton gas pumped in to keep moisture from forming and insulate the glass layers. Filling the window with gas requires specialized equipment and often means sending the damaged sash to the manufacturer or a glass shop.

If the window is made by a larger brand or manufacturer, you may be able to purchase a replacement sash for your window, and the glass company can help. They can measure the existing sash and order the replacement, then install the new one in your home, streamlining the process for you.

Replacing The Window

Replacing a window in your home may be the best solution if one is damaged. Removing the entire window and frame from the house and installing a new one to replace it is possible for someone with the right tools and knowledge for the job. 

A residential glass replacement service can do the work for you, or you can have a window contractor come and look at the job. Replacing a single window in your home is not uncommon, especially if you have a few older windows that need updating and one of them is damaged. In some situations, a damaged window is a good reason to replace it with something different, like a window with a specific shape that is uncommon, or a colored glasses window that matches your home. 

Whatever the reasons for replacing the window or the glass, the local glass shop or a contractor that specializes in window repair and replacement is often the best resource. They can offer you options and help talk you through the replacement process, the cost of the project, and the time involved in making the repair. 

Reach out to a residential glass replacement service such as Glass Magnum Inc for further assistance.