Did you know that 30 percent of all auto insurance claims are related to windshields? With the windshield being one of your vehicle's primary safety features, it's exposed to all forms of elements as well as pebbles and debris, making it highly susceptible to damage. 

If the time to replace your windshield comes, you may be tempted to go the DIY route by following YouTube videos. But more often than not, that's a bad idea. Below are four reasons you shouldn't consider a DIY windshield replacement. 

You Don't Have the Expertise to Replace a Windshield Successfully

Windshield replacement may seem simple in DIY videos. But remember, those are experts who have installed multiple other windshields. If you're not an experienced auto glass professional, there is always the chance that you'll install your windshield incorrectly.

An incorrectly installed windshield is a serious safety hazard. A small bump on the road could cause it to crack or shatter completely. Therefore, let the experienced auto glass professionals handle the installation, as they will complete the job to perfection to ensure your safety on the road. 

You Don't Have the Right Tools

Replacing a windshield requires some specialized tools, equipment, and products that you may not have. Some of these products, such as solvents and epoxies, may not even be sold to individual consumers for safety reasons.

Attempting a windshield replacement without proper tools is more than likely going to result in a poor job. Thankfully, auto glass experts are equipped with everything required for the job, so you can avoid all inconveniences by hiring them. 

Windshield Replacement Is Time-Consuming

So, assume you have all the essential tools for a windshield replacement and the expertise to utilize these tools. Hiring professionals for the job may still be a good idea. If you decide to DIY the replacement, you'll have to spend days shopping for all the equipment and products needed. Once you have assembled everything required, you may have to dedicate several other days for the actual replacement. 

When you hire professionals, the entire process can be complicated in one day. Many auto glass companies actually offer mobile services, so they can replace the windshield from your location. You can even be doing other daily activities while they work on the windshield, so your valuable time is not wasted. 

You May Buy the Wrong Replacement Windshield

A successful windshield replacement project starts with buying the right replacement windshield. If you have never bought an auto glass, you may not know what to look for. Hence, you could end up with the wrong sized glass or even an inferior quality material. 

The wrong glass replacement will cause problems down the road, irrespective of the quality of installation. For example, an ill-fitting glass may shake in its position to allow rainwater into the car. To be safe, let the pros handle the entire windshield replacement process, from the buying stage to the installation.