Maintaining the glass windows and doors on your commercial building is a necessary part of building upkeep. Some damages may require new windows, but there are quite a few that can simply be repaired.

1. Chip Repair

Chips are more common on the glass on the ground floor of a commercial building, particularly floor-length facade windows, glass doors, or glass bordering doors. A chip is usually unattractive but doesn't compromise thick commercial glass integrity. A glass repair tech can fill in a chip with an acrylic patch, which is nearly invisible and can improve the appearance of the window. 

2. Condensation Issues

Condensation that you can't simply wipe away is due to a broken seal on a double-pane insulated window. The condensation collects between the two panes, where it becomes trapped. If you aren't concerned by the loss of insulation that occurs when a seal breaks, you can have the damage repaired instead of replacing the window. A glass tech will drill a small hole and then use a special tool to extract the moisture and clean between the panes. A patch is placed over the hole that allows moisture to escape but doesn't let fresh moisture enter.

3. Broken Pane

A broken pane is not just unattractive, it can also invite unwanted intruders and thieves that view it as an easy break-in point. If the rest of the window frame is in good shape, a glass technician will remove the damaged pane and replace it with a new one. Otherwise, you may need to have a new window fit into place if there is damage to the frame.

4. Graffiti 

The bad news is that graffiti looks bad and can affect the impression customers have of your business. The good news is that it can be removed from the glass with proper cleaners and time. You can then prevent future graffiti issues by bringing in a glass service to apply an anti-graffiti film over the window. These films are clear and don't affect the view, but they can be easily peeled off without damage to the glass if someone tries to paint graffiti on the window. They will also prevent etched and scratched on graffiti.

5. Rattling Glass

Glass shouldn't rattle in its frame. Glass doors and windows bordering glass entrance doors are the most prone to rattling. It's typically caused when the seals that hold the glass panes in place begin to weaken. Your glass repair tech can reglaze each window pane, including those in the door, so that they are once again held in place securely.

Contact a commercial window glass repair service for more help if you have any of these issues.