For many people, the shower stall is one of the most important areas of their home. It is where they can wash away the stress of the day so they feel fresh, clean, and invigorated. There are many different styles of shower stalls that can have either a shower curtain, a framed shower door, or a frameless shower door as an enclosure. In recent years, frameless shower doors have become very popular among homeowners. These are some reasons you may want to consider having a frameless shower door installed.

Many Styles to Choose From

A frameless shower door is usually made of a large piece of shatterproof glass. Therefore, it can be cut into any shape or size the homeowner prefers. Regardless of whether you have a large spacious shower stall or a smaller, walk-in shower in the corner of your bathroom, a frameless shower door can be easily cut to fit your shower perfectly. 

There are also various colors of frameless shower doors available. If you want only a clear glass door, this can be designed to your own preferences. However, if you want the shower door to be made of darker colored glass for better privacy, this is also available. Clear glass can also be made with a frosted finish so that you can see out while showering, but others cannot see in.

Less Mold Build Up

Since there are no rubber seals or metal trim around frameless shower doors, the chance of mold developing on your shower doors is nearly impossible. Mold develops when soap scum and bacteria gather in the cracks and crevices around framed shower doors. Without the frame, there is nowhere for mold to grow. This also makes cleaning the shower doors easier because the entire door can be wiped clean almost effortlessly on both sides.

Better Light Flow

When sunlight flows in through skylights or windows in the bathroom, it may not come into the shower if the shower has a heavily framed door or a thick shower curtain. This can create a dark environment while showers are being taken. However, if the shower door is clear and frameless, light can flow throughout the whole room making the bathroom a much brighter, more pleasant place to take a shower. This light flow can also increase the safety of the shower stall because you can see more clearly around yourself while taking a shower and this may help prevent unwanted falls from occurring.

When deciding what type of shower door to have installed, it is a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each style to ensure you make the best choice to meet your needs.

Reach out to a frameless shower door service for more information.