Window damage is a routine problem for homeowners, but it is an issue that will demand a rapid response. Otherwise, the house could experience problems with temperature regulation, moisture intrusions and security issues.

Myth: A Broken Window Pane Will Likely Result In The Frame Needing To Be Replaced

The panes of glass will be the parts of a window that are the most likely to suffer damage. While it may seem like this will always lead to the window frame itself needing to be replaced, this is usually not necessary. Most window glass repair contractors, such as Nor Sac Glass Company, will be able to easily replace the pane of glass that has broken without swapping out the window frame itself. In fact, the window frame will only need to e completely replaced as well if it has suffered damage, which may be the case when the window damage occurred due to a strong impact.

Myth: There Is Little That Can Be Done To Reduce The Risk Of Broken Windows

Broken windows are often assumed to be an unavoidable problem to encounter. However, there are many steps that can be used in order to reduce this potential problem. One of the most effective will be upgrading to a type of glass that is able to withstand strong impacts without shattering. This type of upgrade can be vital for homes in areas where tropical storms occur, but they can be useful for homes in almost any setting. Removing tree branches that are near the window can be another way of effectively reducing the threat of the windows suffers extensive damage as these branches can be a leading cause of window damage.

Myth: Glass Repairs Will Leave Noticeable Blemishes On The Window

When it is possible to address the window damage by simply repairing the glass, homeowners should be mindful that these repairs will be extremely discrete. It can be easy to assume that the patch that is applied to the glass will be easily noticeable. However, a professionally completed glass repair will be almost indiscernible from the rest of the window pane. This is due to the ability of a professional repair technician to apply the exact amount of resin that is needed to fill the crack without spreading it to the rest of the glass. Individuals that buy a glass patching kit may struggle with this part of the process, which can severely reduce the effectiveness of the repairs that they make to the glass as well as increasing their visibility.